Troy-Dotson-BeforeI brought home this tractor just as my wife was leaving to go visit some friends. After making her best comment on the tractor which was “well it runs”.  She said “I will be back later and we may go out to eat”.


I wanted it to look as good as it could with what time I had till she got back.   I wire brushed it, sprayed a little primer then scuff off with a scotch brite pad and put the Ford red and Ford light grey rattle cans to it. Put a small gas tank under hood and drove it up to my dads who had seen it on the trailer only hours before. It’s not a quality restoration but it will do in a rush. The picture without the tank on top of the hood is three and half hours later, minus the red lettering. I have now officially started real work on this tractor, have recently mounted tank from a 9N and new line from Steiner.

Troy Dotson
Dayton, Tennessee