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April $200 Gift Card Winner

April Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays ~

5th – Michael Mackenzie

9th – Alex Mackenzie

9th – Dawn Miller

13th – Patti Pierce

16th – Steve Franklin – Nifty 50!

19th – John Craven

25th – Tricia Morrissey

30th – Michael Miller

Steiner Anniversaries ~

8th – Rebecca Thomas – 11 years (Email Marketing)

4th – Marvin Tobey – 1 year (Tech Dept)

9th – Elizabeth Whiting – 18 years (Project Management)

13th – Chris Wright – 2 years (Shipping)

23rd – Tricia Morrissey – 18 years (Dealer Program)

26th – Steve Franklin 14 years (Retail Store)

30th – Mandy Woodall – 11 years (Tech Dept Supervisor)

April Featured Photo

This month’s featured photo was submitted by Mata Banks of New Tazewell, Tennessee. “Dancing in the hayfield is our John Deere 5410 leading the way and the rake happily following JD’s lead. We call this the East Tennessee Farming Tango.” said Mata.

This photo was chosen as a winner in our annual calendar photo contest and is featured in the 2019 Steiner calendar.

Allis Chalmers B

Our customer, Kenneth, in Idaho is doing a complete restoration on an Allis Chalmers B.  He’s been purchasing everything to rebuild from Steiner. 

Parts to rebuild the Fairbanks Morse magneto, new gauges, a new battery box, carb rebuild,  a new steering wheel, various gaskets, eccentric style rear wheel clamps, seat cushions and hardware, muffler and raincap as well as various knobs, caps, cables and boots. 

Thanks for being such a loyal customer, Kenneth! We can’t wait to see this project come together.  Keep the pictures coming!

March Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays ~

8th – Jenny Bradshaw

19th – Thomas Nordhof

20th – Richard Hendershot – Big 30

27th – Joy Sturgis

Steiner Anniversaries ~

8th – John Craven – 11 year (Inventory Control Supervisor)

16th – Anthony McMasters – 3 years (Shipping)

25th – Cody Thorn – 8 years (Inventory Control)

28th – Tara Chapin – 3 years (Customer Service)

28th – Arianna Vorhies – 3 years (Customer Service)

March Featured Tractor Photo

This month’s featured photo was submitted by Dale Wells.

Dale’s 1957 John Deere 720 and a John Deere 720 peddle tractor.

“This John Deere 720 diesel was purchased from a friend who planned to part it out about 3 years ago. It was in pretty rough shape. About a year later for Fathers Day my kids bought a John Deere 720 peddle tractor thinking the antique tractor would never move from its spot in the barn.
My son Jim and I began working on it, acquiring the parts to rebuild it with the help of our local John Deere dealer and Steiner, as we tried to keep it as original as possible. We finished this project mechanically in March of 2018. With the help of our friend John Eicher and his boys Jeremy and Brandon, the final touches of paint, tires and reassembly were completed just in time for my son Jim’s wedding in May. Thanks to all those who worked many hours to make this tractor come back to life!” – Dale Wells

Check out all of the winning photos from our annual tractor photo contest that were chosen to be featured in our 2019 catalog.

February Featured Tractor Photo

This month’s featured tractor photo was submitted by Josiah Waldner and features his Allis Chalmers model CA tractor.

“This tractor was purchased from a neighbor’s estate sale. It had not run for many years but was in good mechanical condition. After a fresh paint job, new decals, and new wiring, it looks like new!” – Josiah Waldner

Check out all of the winning photos from our annual tractor photo contest that were chosen to be featured in our 2019 catalog.

February Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays ~

9th – Kasey Meyers

13th – Tara Chapin

20th – Randy Fenner

20th – Chandler Ford

25th – Angie Crawford

28th – Marvin Tobey

Steiner Anniversaries ~

6th – Derrick Brown – 9 year (Receiving Supervisor)

11th – Patti Pierce – 17 years (Customer Service)

19th – Jill Horn – 4 years (Customer Service)

28th – Suzette Thomas – 14 years (Social Media)