Our #1 search term on our site is “Zenith Carburetor”, #2 is “Marvel Schebler Carburetor”.  Steiner Tractor Parts sells 263 various carburetor parts including individual carburetor components like the needle and seat, or throttle shaft, to economy, basic and complete carburetor repair kits. We even sell a few complete carburetors.  Finding exactly what you are looking for can be overwhelming, so here are a few tips for how to find parts for your carburetor.

     1)    When searching on our site, try searching for just your carburetor manufacturer number. This     will bring up all of the known components that we sell for your carburetor.
     2)    If you aren’t sure how to find your carburetor manufacturer number, please check out our helpful carburetor diagram. We also are now offering diagrams specific to your manufacturer.
          a.    Carter Carburetor Diagram
          b.    Farmall Carburetor Diagram
          c.    Holley Carburetor Diagram
          d.    Marvel Schebler Carburetor Diagram
          e.    Zenith Bendix Carburetor Diagram
     3)    If you have a TSX Series Carburetor, check out this repair document from Marvel Schebler.
     4)    If you are looking for a float, on the product detail page, or on the how to page, look for a float dimension diagram.  You can compare our dimensions against those of your original float. Here is an example document for the ABC361 Carburetor Float. We have similar information on all of our carb floats.
     5)    If you are looking for hard to find parts for a Carter Carburetor, check out our gasket interchange documents: 
          a.    Carter Gasket Alternate (UT2223S, UT2402S, UT2709S & US2418S w/ Alum Body)
          b.    Carter Gasket Alternate (UT997S)
          c.    Carter Gasket Alternate (UT2612S & UT2257S)
     6)    If you can’t find what you are looking for, and you have a carburetor manufacturer number, then send an email to our technical department and we’ll see if we can locate a kit, or interchange your carb number to one of our existing kits.