Recently my brother, Henry Delbridge, brother-in-law, Tim Lane, and I finally finished restoring a 1959 John Deere 830 Diesel tractor. We purchased the tractor out in Utah where it had sat for decades. When the tractor arrived the engine was completely seized, the clutch totally disintegrated, and not a component seemed to be salvageable. While discouraged, we remained determined and resolute that the ‘ole beast’ would someday once again breath fire and hold its head high among the old dinosaurs.

That day has come. It lives! Once again it roams the countryside leaving all who see it with a sense of admiration and respect. Attached are photos of the revitalized beast, although somewhat tamer and looking ‘up town’, its veins again flow with vigor and power. Its resurrection would not have been possible if it weren’t for parts purveyors like Steiner’s. I extend my most sincere thanks to all the good folks at Steiner’s. Your very existence and what you do, assures that the legacy of the old iron dinosaurs will go on.  Thanks Again!

Robert Delbridge
San Antonio, Texas