My Father purchased this 1952 Farmall H 30 years ago and drove it about 45 miles to get it home. He bought the tractor to bush hog 37 acres in Indiana annually, which they both did up until his passing in 2014 at 74 years of age. He last mowed with it about two months before he passed away.

Over the years I purchased parts from Steiner and performed the maintenace required to keep the H going for my Father. The tractor never missed a beat over the years. While Dad was never concerned about the tractor’s looks, only it’s performance, I repainted the tractor and placed US 2nd Armored Divison decal’s on the lightbar toolbox for a small token of his memory. He servered with US Army 2nd Armored in the 1950’s. Even though I have much larger and more modern equipment at my disposal I still use Dad’s old H to mow the 37 acres.

Joseph Callahan
Huntington, Indiana