Take a close look at these tractors – they’re the most detailed scale model tractors I’ve ever seen!

I met the creator, Dale Woodliff, at the Dyersville toy tractor show last weekend. These pristine, 1/16th pulling tractor models are individually handmade in Kendall, Wisconsin.


Dale is a retired farmer and heavy equipment operator. He’s been making models for over 30 years. The first model he made was a copy of his own personal pulling tractor, the EXCITER. This model is now on display at the National Farm Toy Show Museum in Dyersville, Iowa. The full-sized tractor is in the Retired Tractor Museum in Bowling Green, Ohio.


Dale’s workshop includes mini-lathes, mini-mills, a scroll saw, several vices, a band saw, and other normal shop tools. The tractors are built from aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.


How long does it take to make one of these models? Dale told me that most models take 90-105 hours of labor, but some are even more complex.


This tractor took him 200 hours to complete.


This tractor took more than 600 hours to make! Wow!


While Dale primarily makes models for his own enjoyment, he also accepts commissions. He’s made several tractors for customers. The showpiece, however, is his spectacular 250 model personal collection.

Thanks for sharing with us, Dale!