You’ve seen a fire truck – but have you ever seen a fire tractor?


This Super A Farmall tractor is loaded down with a full set of firefighting equipment. It’s a really genius setup! Check out these pictures.


The offset design of the Super A allows for a rubber hose one one side, coiled up and ready for service.

Notice the small (but loud!) siren mounted on the front of the tractor near the headlight. This front bumper is really sturdy, too!

The sheet metal details are really interesting. In addition to the full fenders and rear platform, there is a front bumper and even little fins just above the headlights to shield the engine. Notice the additional spotlight mounted above the steering wheel, too.


The cabinet mounted on the other side holds a canvas hose and additional firefighting equipment.

The tractor is also set up to run a powerful pump – just hook it up to water and you’re in business! There’s even an attached firefighter’s ax.


You can tell that this tractor was put together with care and thoughtfulness. This tractor was an aftermarket customization, not an IH original – so details on its manufacture and use are sketchy. I didn’t get to meet the owner at the show (so I don’t know for sure), but others have told me that this tractor was designed for use in a factory that belonged to the General Motors aircraft division. I can certainly imagine the unique advantages of a small, portable firefighting outfit like this on a cramped factory floor!