The Best Brothers, Casey and Spencer and their sister’s Maggie and Emma are part of the Smith Family of Jones County Texas. We have been Americans since 1677 and Texans since before 1858. We still own the Smith Family Farm near Hamlin, TX that George Wood Smith moved his family to in 1921 in a mule drawn wagon. There was no highway here then, The Family arrived on Thanksgiving Day in 1921.


Casey and Spencer Best started going to the South Plains Antique Show in Lubbock 7 years ago, Casey in a stroller and Spencer in his Mother Sally’s arms or in Dad Shawn’s arms. Just-some-of-my-girlsSeveral years ago they asked Grandpa G if we could have a tractor to enter in the tractor show and of course I said yes. Well the 2014 tractor show, the tractor became reality for two Best Brothers at that time only 8 and 7 years old. But now we have the H Farmall, a Farmall C and a Farmall Regular. Sharon's-Phone-1183Only time will tell when the new additions will be at the tractor show but we are working on them. As you can see in the photos, the Best Brothers are hands on tractor owners. You can not even imagine the fun that Grandpa G gets from the Best Brothers and their tractors. By the way we also have a 46 Flexible bus that will soon be pulling tractors with 6 bunks, restroom and kitchen facilities for a real Texas Road Trip to the tractor shows. So Spencer says do you think that George Wood Smith is proud of his name on the lane to the farmhouse, I think so. I have no idea if our ancestors can see us working on the tractors and on the farm but if they are watching they love the Smith Family Farm, 94 years and counting. We will be here on Thanksgiving 2021, some or all of the Family. I sure hope I get to make that event, I will be 77.

Jerry Smith
Hamlin, Texas

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