Allis Chalmers WD45 TractorThis 1954 Allis Chalmers Tractor was brought brand new in March of 1954 at an Allis Chalmers Dealer in Aleman, Iowa by my Dad and driven back to the farm at Maxwell, Iowa some 19 miles or so. I watched my Dad come in the driveway with it, I was 5 years old at the time. At that time it was the most awesome sight I had ever seen and so proud of my Dad.

The tractor was still being used somewhat on the farm two years ago last July. But my youngest Brother has henceforth taken over the farming operations and before my Dad had gotten too old had bought a newer tractor and some more A/C’s. So my Brother asked me if I would like to have that tractor since I was the oldest son of 3 and used a tractor here in Tucson on our acre along with another 5 acres in Sonoita, Az. I had a Farmall H at the time with not attachments except a Buzz Saw. I gave the H to the neighbors in Sonoita, Az. So of course I was delighted, so my son and I made plans to have it sand blasted and he repainted it to specs. It also came with a front end loader a rear blade in which I needed desperately. So as the story goes I trailered the tractor back to Tucson, the paint was so fresh we could not put Decals on it in Iowa and I needed to get back. A month later we finally got the Decals on the Tractor. All three of us brothers grew up in the fields on this tractor as it was the only one we had till I left home.

So now the Iowa tractor is alive and well and serving it’s purpose until I am too old to drive it. When my Dad at 91 see’s a pictures of the tractor he just grins from ear to ear and says yup that was my first Tractor and Tom has it in Tucson.

Thomas Hand
Tucson, Arizona