Here’s a neat find – a Triple A Farmall, custom fabricated by Buddy Woodson from Eagleville, Tenessee.

I caught up with Buddy at the Red Power Round-Up in Missouri and got the inside scoop on how his AAA works.
You can run the tractor with just one engine or all three. If Buddy starts just one engine, he puts that engine’s transmission in gear and the other two in neutral. If all three engines are running, then he puts all three transmissions in the same gear.
Buddy drives the tractor from the center seat, which has three pedals. One pedal controls the center tractor’s clutch. The next petal controls the other two tractor’s clutch plates – this allows him to drive the tractor with all three transmissions engaged (and change gears). The third petal controls all of the brakes (because this is a show tractor, Buddy goes without turning brakes). All the other pedals on the tractor are dummies.
The tractor shares one electrical system and one battery. The center tractor’s dash contains a start/kill switch for each engine and a choke lever for each engine as well.
Thanks for sharing, Buddy!