Steve-HansonIf I may I would like to share with you a story about a tractor that has been in my family since 1938.  I have a 1938 Massey Harris Challenger Twin Power.  My Grandfather purchased it from a Massey dealer in Arcadia Iowa on Feb. 25th 1938 according to the requisition that I have.  I also have the original tags that were on the tractor when it was new as well as a letter from Massey with the envelope that states he could buy the rear fenders for 15.00 and the pto with the large shield for 35.00 which he did purchase.  I have the owner’s manual and the parts book for the tractor and sales brochures  as well.  I have the steel wheels for it but the tractor is on rubber and buy looking at pictures I have of it I think this might be the only rear tires this tractor has seen.  The front tires I think are the second set of rubber because they have red dots on them which means they are World War II rubber.  I have not restored it and plan to keep it original.  I overhauled the magneto and carb. And it runs like a top but it is not bright and shiny, I have been debating to restore it like a new tractor or leave it as is.  I have had been told to leave it as is but we will see.


Thank you

Steve  Hansohn