Our customer Dick Higby and his son restored what they fondly refer to as Henry.  Here’s some information from Dick.  Explaining Henry:

When I had my hip replacement in January, Sally had to take over doing chores including pushing up hay in the bunk and cleaning the run ins and paddocks with the Kubota, front loader and box blade. When I took back over the tractor chores in late March, Sally said the she wanted her own tractor and bush hog. I said that if we did that I had always wanted a vintage Ford. So we started looking primarily at Ford 8n’s. However we were fortunate enough to come across a 1953 Golden Jubilee, made only in 1953, after that they were NAAs. It was in original condition except for the seat including the 6 volt electrical system. I have never done a major restoration except for a vintage Wheel Horse garden tractor which I did with my son. This tractor was just begging for a restoration and since parts for these tractors are readily available, with my son’s guidance and assistance the restoration began on June 22nd. We named the tractor Henry since 1953 was the 50th anniversary of the Henry Ford Motor Company which is why the 1953 Ford tractor is a Golden Jubilee. I will soon be turning Henry along with the bush hog which I painted to match back over to Sally for hopefully many years of enjoyment!