Iowa State University – Senior Agricultural Engineering

As a sponsor we always enjoy updates, check out the latest from Iowa State University on their Oliver 880.

I just wanted to present you with an update on the tractor before we finish up first semester. Mainly because I think it is important to show you how far we are going into this tractor to make this a complete restoration. The tractor is mainly in pieces and our first batch of primer has been sprayed. Our next main task is the motor. We were going to try to do the minimal engine work (tear apart and clean up then reassemble with new gaskets) because the tractor ran so well when we got it. However, upon further investigation and a pressure test on Thursday night before thanksgiving break we discovered the o-rings that seal our wet sleeves are leaking coolant into our oil. With that being said, I’m not sure if we will need just the o-rings or a complete new set of sleeves with o-rings. Rest assured, we will be rebuilding it the right way to insure all the names associated with the project are portrayed in the brightest light possible! Thanks again for all you guys have done in making this restoration a success!
Thanks again,