QuestionsThere has been some confusion about how to hook up the oil line on a dash mounted oil pressure gauge.  Sometimes you can reuse your fitting from the rear of your gauge.  Otherwise, you need an adaptor fitting for some gauges.

Here is a list of oil pressure gauges that require an adaptor fitting:  ABC004, ABC005, ABC082, ACS160, ACS262, CKS075, CKS1642, FDS401, FDS405, IHS452, IHS454, IHS502, IHS1666, IHS1871, JDS419, JDS423, JDS1702, MMS029R, MMS029RC, OLS082, OLS122

All of the above gauges are shipped with a 1/8” male pipe thread to hook up the oil line.  You will need to either RE– USE the old adaptor or purchase one of our new adaptors.

Either of these adaptors will fit the line to the gauge, make sure you choose the correct one.

ABC538ABC538 Oil Gauge Fitting is for 1/8” diameter oil line.





IHS626 Oil Gauge Fitting is for 1/4” diameter oil line.


Hope this helps you when replacing your oil pressure gauge on your antique tractor restoration project.