Keith VanEaton

I am sending you a picture of my dads and our John Deere 40U tractor and thank you for all your help in supplying the parts I needed for it. We stripped it all down and sandblasted all the parts and painted them, then reassembled them. We started in the Fall and had it done by June for show. We are only using it for show and parades.

This tractor was sold new in Delia a small town West of Hanna, to Henry Ouaschnick. Then sold by auction to Clarnece Shandera, then to my Grand-daddy, his son, my cousin, then my Dad Frank VanEaton. We have a shop in Hanna for our own use. Dad was a heavy duty mechanic with the government and is retired. He grew up on a farm and his Dad had John Deere tractors which were 1927 & 1928 that they farmed with before he left home. I hope you show this picture to your staff and thanks again.

Yours truly,
Keith VanEaton
Alberta Canada

Keith thank you for sharing your story. We are happy to share your story with our staff and all of readers. Congratulations on a project well done.

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