Back Spacing Rims are costly to ship and so mis-orders can be disastrous to the budget on your project.  We try to provide some helpful information on our site to eliminate errors and make ordering rims easier.  First and foremost, make sure you are measuring the rim correctly. We have a video about measuring the rim and we also have a diagram showing how to measure the width.  Take your time, measure twice and order once.  

If you order only one rim, it is VERY important to measure what is on the tractor.  If you get the wrong width, the tractor will sit a bit lopsided.  Also, do not be fooled by dimensions shown on your tire, you still need to measure your rim. The tire manufacturers just list those dimensions as a general guideline.

If you have any concerns about a rim fitting your tractor, please contact our customer service department with your questions prior to placing the order. We would rather help address your concerns before anything has shipped.