General to Avery.

My father purchased a General which we believe is a 1939-1941 and I grew up on that tractor from age 5 or 6.  I couldn't reach the clutch so I slid ahead of the seat on the transmission platform and by wedging my back against the seat, I could push the clutch which I later had to have back surgery to correct the injury.  The Tractor was sold at his sale and my brother later found who purchased it and bought it back.  My son then purchased it from my brother and we just had the motor rebuilt and are in the process of redoing it, hopefully this summer it will be done.  

In the mean time, I purchase and Avery A (1947) and restored it as it was almost the same as the Avery A being redone 1-08 006 General.  I also have an Avery Twin Row but have not restored it.  Both the A and the Twin Row have the origional Wards tires and is all origional.  I do have more of the restoration pictures iif you would like them.  The General is worn much more and my father had replaced the engine as the old one wore out along with the tires.

It is great to have these tractors that have had such a part of our lives and history.

Hayden Stone
Deckerville, MI