Story by Gerald Butcher

I have many fond memories of when I was a small boy, sitting on my uncle’s lap and steering his 1939 model B AC, which he had purchased new. When he passed away in 1980 my aunt had an auction and sold his farm equipment, but she could not bear to part with the old B, because he had thought so much of it. The tractor had set in an old dirt floor shed for a total of 33 years without being touched, when she decided to give it to me. The rear wheels had sank into the ground and the rims were completely gone. After cleaning the carb, I cleaned the dirt dabbers out of the mag, poured in fresh gas and spun the crank about 4 revs and she fired up! I have now put on new wheels and cleaned it up, and am slowly getting it back to original condition. I have no experience with tractors, and you folks at Steiner have been very helpful with parts and advice. I enjoy working on this great old tractor.