Steiner Tractor Parts has been shipping out merchandise with UPS Ground for many years. We have had a great amount of success with that method of shipping and most of our customers are very satisfied with the service offered by UPS. However, recently we’ve had some requests to expand our shipping options and offer additional carriers. We will now be offering our customers the choice of FedEx Home Delivery.
FedEx Home Delivery service is different than UPS Ground in a number of ways. Rates are very close, normally within a few cents of one another. However, FedEx Home Delivery delivers packages on Tuesday through Saturday as the standard service. So, if you are a one day point from Steiner Tractor Parts and your order ships on Friday, you would receive it on Saturday with FedEx Home Delivery versus on Monday with UPS Ground. Conversely, because FedEx doesn’t deliver on Mondays, there are points and shipping dates that you could receive your package with UPS on Monday, but it would be a Tuesday delivery for FedEx Home Delivery.
Please refer to the maps to help you select your best shipping options. If you have any questions, one of our Customer Service Representatives would be glad to assist you by phone or with the online chat feature on our website.

FedEx Map