The last time that we blogged about responsibilities and practices for receiving your shipment was in June of 2008.  We thought that now was a good time for a refresher.  For our complete recommendation, please read our previous blog about receiving habits in addition to this entry. 

All products shipped with UPS are fully insured and trackable! This is why UPS is our preferred shipping method.  When you receive your shipment, it is important to note any damage to the exterior of the box before signing the UPS delivery receipt.  Then, the next step is to check in the merchandise in the box.  Each item marked as shipped on the packing slip, should be found within the box or boxes received.  If you find a discrepancy, you must notify us immediately.  You should never wait to check in the merchandise until you want to put it on the tractor.  Depending on the status of your project, that could be months away and by then it is too late to file a tracer, or a claim with the carrier.

Mail parcels are often insured if their value is greater than $50.00.  If you find a discrepancy with a mail parcel it is even more imperative that you notify Steiner Tractor Parts immediately.  The paperwork and claim process with the postal service is much more cumbersome than with UPS. 

                LTL Truck Freight shipments must be signed for before the driver leaves the merchandise.  It is absolutely essential that the merchandise is checked for damage before signing the documentation that the driver provides.  When you sign a delivery receipt on an LTL shipment you are certifying that the goods were received in good order.  Unless you make some other notation on the paperwork about a damage, the likelihood of any claim being paid is slim to none.  For your own protection, it is best to unpack and examine this merchandise thoroughly before offering a signature.  LTL Freight includes more paperwork for the consumer.  Do not let the driver confuse you.  There is a Bill of Lading, this is essentially the shipping instructions. It contains notes about what Steiner Tractor employees say is included on the skid and how many pieces we sent from here.  Make sure that this matches what you received.  It also contains the tracking number and information about who is responsible for the bill (in 95% of cases, Steiner has paid the bill before it arrives at your door, if you are asked to pay, please call before writing the check).  There is also a Delivery Receipt.  This may be produced electronically.  This is where you will be asked to sign.  Please note that when you sign, you are confirming that you received the merchandise in good order.  This is a binding agreement between you and the freight company releasing their liability.  It is important not to sign this until you are confident that there is no damage.  You should also receive a copy of the Packing Slip so that you can check in your merchandise just as you would a UPS shipment.

                We are here to help!  If you have any questions about shipping or receiving practices at Steiner Tractor Parts, we would be glad to share information with you.  The most important element of receiving your order is that you verify the contents are correct as quickly as possible. This will ensure that any exchanges, returns or claims take place during your warranty period.   Thank you for your business, I hope that you will see another load of quality Steiner Tractor Parts coming your way soon!