Steiner Tractor Parts, Inc. is committed to providing top notch service as well as quality restoration tractor parts, but sometimes we need your help to provide the best, most efficient service.  We know that the average customer does not receive packages regularly and freight shipments rarely if ever. We thought we’d share some best practices when receiving your shipment so if an issue occurs we can handle the problem efficiently. 

  1. If possible check package for outside damage before driver leaves. If damaged make sure driver notes the damage.
  2. Check outside  of box for the packing slip, note any back ordered items on the packing slip.
  3. Open package carefully. Do not put knife all the way in the box as you can slice decals, cut seat covers and gouge emblems.
  4. Remove items and check off on the packing slip.
  5. Open items like headlights, lenses and check that they haven’t cracked during transit.
  6. Make sure to check inside of each box for additional items like knobs and boots stuffed into battery boxes.
  7. Look at items that are sold as left and right and make sure you have both sides.
  8. If all is okay, file the packing slip with your other tractor related documents.

If there is any problem, damage, defect or missing or incorrect product shipped contact us right away by phone 1-800-234-3280 or email  The sooner we deal with any problem, the easier it will be.

LTL Freight Shipments

  1. Someone must be home to accept the shipment.
  2. The driver will present several documents. Do not sign before unloading.
  3. After you unload the shipment, look at what you’ve received. Are there any dents or signs of damage? Is the shrink wrap torn or partially removed? Are the pieces still securely banded?
  4. Now, look at the documents the driver gave you it should say somewhere on the document "Said to contain ____ pieces" or "____ Pieces" "STC _____ pcs".  Make sure you have that number of pieces. The skid / pallet does not count as a piece.
  5. If all is in order and you have all pieces sign the document. If anything is out of the ordinary, damaged, possibly damaged or missing. Show the driver make a note on his document and sign. If possible, get him to sign also.
  6. Now, find the packing slip and proceed as above form step 2.

With your help we will be able to navigate through any issues that may arise with ease and you will be looking forward to another load of top quality restoration parts from Steiner Tractor Parts.