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Delivery Changes for the Better

Try our New Delivery, Save Time and Money

All online orders choosing Economy or Standard Delivery will receive the lowest base rate for ANY size order. Take advantage of this introductory offer between September 13th and October 4th, 2018!

With our new website just around the corner we wanted to introduce our new Delivery options. Now it will be easier then ever to calculate your cost when ordering parts. You can choose to ship Economy when you are in no hurry to start your project, Standard when you are ready to get started soon, or Premium when your tractor is sitting in the field waiting for your help.

With our new options you can also gauge where you fall in the  cost chart and maybe add a little something extra to your order for no extra. We hope this straight forward delivery chart makes things as easy as just picking an option and getting your parts on the way!

Our US customers can take advantage of an introductory price for Economy and Standard delivery services while you wait for the brand new experience, which launches on October 4th, 2018.

Check out all our delivery information here.


Welcome August additions!

August brought two little additions to our Steiner Tractor Parts family.

Amanda Mrva (Customer Service Rep), husband Ron, siblings Alan, Olivia and Ella welcomed a new addition to their family. Allison Joanne was born at 3:57am on August 24th. She was 7 lbs 5 oz and 22 inches long.

Congratulations Mrva’s!

Alex MacKenzie (Shipping dept) and girlfriend Trisha welcomed their little addition. Drake Anthony MacKenzie was born on August 25th at 2:40am He weighed 7 lbs 11 oz and  19 ½ inches long.

additions Drake

Drake Anthony MacKenzie

Congratulation Alex and Trisha!

September Celebrations

Birthdays ~

1st  – Deona Vorhies

2nd – Zachery Hyder

9th – JR Roberts

19th – Kristin Woods

26th – Christopher Wright

27th – Suzette Thomas

Steiner Anniversaries ~

1st – Mandy (MJ) Crawford – 3 years (Customer Service)

3rd – Lisa Warren – 4 years (Customer Service)

9th – Emily Rosser – 16 years (Purchasing)

24th – Brandi Erickson – 9 years (Customer Service)

29th – Randy Fenner – 9 years (Warehouse – Storefront)

July Celebrations

Birthdays ~

5th – Mandy Woodall – Nifty 60!

18th – Elizabeth Whiting – Look who’s 40!

18th – Jacob Ford

27th – Dennis Braid

31st – Miles Erickson

Steiner Anniversaries ~

5th – Rachel Taphouse – 2 years (Customer Service)

6th – Zach Hyder – 3 years (Warehouse – Receiving)

15th – Thomas Nordhof – 5 years (Tech Dept)

16th – Eric Carlisle – 3 years (Warehouse – Receiving)

18th – Dawn Miller – 23 years (General Manager)

28th – Angela Crawford – 2 years (Customer Service)

31st – Craig Craven – 9 years (Pricing Manager)

June Celebrations

Birthdays ~

1st – Craig Craven

8th – Logan Clark

28th – Lisa Warren

29th – Jill Horn – Nifty 60!

Steiner Anniversaries ~

12th – Travis Pierce – 9 years (Warehouse – Shipping)

15th – Andrew Wilberding – 19 years (Advertising)

17th – Jeff Koresh – 26 years (Warehouse Manager)

20th – Daniel Steiner – 17 years (President)

26th – Dennis Braid – 5 years (Tech Dept)

26th – Trevor Allen – 1 year (Warehouse – Receiving)