CouponBe Cautious about Coupon Aggregating Websites

We know that in the world of online sales, everyone is looking for a deal.  Lately a lot of companies have been popping up (most of them originating overseas) and listing coupons or deals for all sorts of different websites.  Recently Steiner Tractor Parts has become a target of some of these coupon aggregator sites and we wanted to take a moment and address this with our customers.

We do not honor the coupons advertised by 3rd party sites without prior authorization.  These sites (like PRMDeal, HotDeal, CouponDeal, DealCove, etc) are not affiliated with Steiner Tractor Parts.   These sites entice you to click “coupon code” so they can track you around the internet and send you advertising.  Our recommendation is to not visit this type of site nor click on their links.  It is not a safe, secure internet practice.

Learn about our Deals

If you want to learn about deals from Steiner Tractor Parts the very best ways are to engage with us directly!

  • Sign up for our emails.  Most of our sales and offers are promoted by email.  BONUS – Active email subscribers are entered to win a monthly $200 STP gift card.
  • Follow us on Facebook.  We promote sales on Facebook including “Social only” sales.

We do not run sales every day, but every day you can take advantage of the H18 offer for a $0.99 hat with a $150 order.

Special Tip

Special Tip for Blog readers – Frequently we run our promotions in the 2nd half of the month.  Watch for sales near holidays or the end of the month when typically we are a bit slower.

If you have any questions about an online coupon please email us at

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