Picture of my 1946 Oliver 60 that my Grandad left me from the farm. I restored it in 1976, also in the picture is my 1949 Oliver 77 gas. I took 4 junk tractors to make one, also put on a loader for snow and dirt work.

My Dad’s 1953 Oliver 77 diesel loaded to go to a tractor show last Summer. I also restored the 77 D in 1999.

My 70 Oliver 1946 simple front that I restored in 2005.

My 1949 Oliver 77 gas with a 1958 model #4 2 row corn picker that I restored in 1997.

My 770 Oliver gas Row Crop 1964 with a 4 row front mounted cultivator.

A picture of several of my Ford garden tractors that I have been restoring for the last several years.

Another picture of the garden tractors, as of today I have 10 Ford garden tractors with different pieces of equipment on each of them. I have another garden tractor that I traded for, coming in a couple months.

Bruce Youde
Polk City, Iowa