It is so much fun for us to see what happens with our parts after they leave here.

Dear Steiner,

I have always wanted to share some pictures with you to show what I have done with your parts. here are four tractors that have a lot of Steiner parts on them. You can use them for anything you want or just show them to your crew.

Dick Hollrah
Sweet Springs, Missouri

1951 Super A

I found this tractor at a salvage yard. The engine was running real good and the hydraulics worked good. I redone everything else and has a lot of fun working on this little tractor. It turned out real good, starts every time, runs good drives good and it made a nice parade tractor.

1951 Super C Fast Hitch

This is a family tractor so its had a little better care than my other tractors. It was used for nothing but mowing hay its whole life. This tractor still has the original battery box, steering wheel and the wooden steering knob. I spent a lot of time on this tractor and it is my most favorite tractor that I have driven.

1951 M

I bought this tractor on a farm auction. It had set for awhile, it ran, the tires were rotten but the tin was straight. I took it completely apart and totally rebuilt everything. I think this is the best tractor that I have done. Last Fall it was Best of Show in a pre-54 tractor show so that’s a small reward for your your work.

1959 Farmall 460

I bought this tractor at a salvage yard. I knew the man that bought this tractor new. I don’t think that is spent one night in the shed while he owned it. This was a big mistake from the start but I drove a 460 a lot when I was a kid and I just had to have one. Everything on this tractor was overhauled, rebuilt or redone, 16 months of work. Not much fun on this one. This is a fan favorite everybody likes this tractor.