My story started out supporting my husband with his love of tractor pulling. His first tractor, “Hot Stuff,” a single Allison Aircraft tractor. He did well with her and it was a great journey, which ended when he decided to sell it. He took “Hot Stuff” to his motor mentor, Wayne Longnecker, in Iowa. She got boxed up and sent to New York, then to its new owner in Finland.

But we weren’t done yet. Our Grandson, wanted to take his lawnmower to an area pull, at the ripe age of 4! Well that started the bug up again, and before you know it, Dawson, was competing with a Hot Stock tractor, named LiL Stuff. In the mean time Mike took the plunge and bought a Twin Allison tractor know as P38, owned by a dear friend, who had passed away, Dick Ziegler. Hot Stuff was reborn! Mike piloted it with great finesse. Dawson, was also doing great with his tractor.

On August 14, 2011 our lives changed. Mike had a heart attack at one of Dawson’s pulls. God had other plans, so now Mike coaches us from heaven. Dawson, won his first pull the day after Mike’s funeral! Grandpa, pushing him all the way. Several weeks later I made the decision to purchase a 4 cyl tractor that was for sale in our DGTPers group. Mama Stuff, is now my tractor! I have competed for 4 years now! And I finally feel the real passion Mike had when you hook up to a track and soar I know that! But Dawson, missed Grandpa too much he finished the season and made it another but has parked LiLStuff and gone onto baseball. He helps me when he can, but our lives change at an instant. Hot Stuff was sold and sadly doesn’t exist anymore. And now its time to sell LiLStuff,  MamaStuff, is resting in the garage but come this Summer I’ll be back at it, Tractor Pulling!! It’s in my blood too!

Carol Gerner
New Auburn, Wisconsin