This last winter, I bought a single pole magneto kill switch from you to use as a secondary way to shut down the engine in my roadster from the engine bay. You folks were also kind enough to send me your flamed “Steiner Tractor Parts” ballcap that I wear whenever I’m out in the car. In fact today, I had the roadster at the Denver Fire Department’s second annual car show and one of the firefighters I worked with after seeing the hat said he too has bought parts from you. What a small world. In appreciation for your ball cap, I’m sending some photos my wife took today with me in the car wearing your ballcap. In the closer view of the engine bay, you can see your kill switch attached to the carb linkage bracket just in front of the firewall. I attached the large red knob to make it easier to hit in an emergency. The kill switch works perfectly and just as I hoped it would.

Thanks again for the ballcap.

Leon Beesley
Arvada, Colorado