Larry Bromagem of Union City Indiana, seated on a 1937 John Deere B. Larry’s Dad purchased this tractor in April of 1937, 9 months before Larry was born.

“It was Dad’s first new tractor and replaced the F20 Farmall that he used in 1936, the first year that he and Mother lived here on the home farm. The tractor was on steel wheels and the hand-lift two-row cultivators are visible in the picture as well as the lugs of the steel wheels. When the picture was taken I was 17 months old, having been born in January 1938.

Dad had a local mechanic and welder to cut off the steel lugs and their mountings and weld on rims and mount tires in 1946, shortly after World War ll ended and tires were again available. Those tires were Firestones and lasted until the year 2000.

We don’t farm away from home so the lugs weren’t worn very much even then, but the sidewalls were breaking down. I remember that Dad had me drive the tractor home with the brand new rubber tires mounted. I was 8 years of age and it was a thrill to drive on the blacktop road wide open throttle at a blistering 6.8 mph!

I use the tractor often, for raking hay and pulling loaded and empty wagons to and from the hay field. It is a ‘flywheel start’ tractor and always starts.”

The photo above was taken November 11, 2016 by Larry’s Special Friend Mary Kay DeHaven. The first one was taken in front of the granary; the second in front of the barn just about 60 feet north.


The article below was published February 10th, 1940 in the Ohio Farmer Magazine. Notice Larry in the top left corner.