Last Fall we had a live Q&A and Becky hopped on to ask a few questions, at the end of the Q&A we drew a name from the people watching live for a free STP hat. Our winner was Becky Puckett of Hutchison Minnesota. We contacted Becky to get her mailing address and found out she was actually asking the questions for her Dad, Robert Dobratz. Robert is suffering from ALS and has difficulty using his hands, so Becky becomes his hands when doing tractor repair.

We checked back with Becky recently to see how her dad is doing and she said “Since we have last communicated, my dad has lost the ability to stand.  He has the use of his hands and arms in a limited way, and his voice is soft and words are hard to form.  Even still, we continue to plan for the upcoming tractor pull season!  He says that April 1 is the start of tractor pull season, and the tractor is getting uncovered and moved into the garage on that day.  We have been doing a lot of planning for things we want to work on this year.”

Thank you Robert and Becky for inspiring us with your story.