I just finished up a massive re-wiring project on this New Holland tractor. Mice had burrowed their way under the hood and gnawed at the wires. What a mess! Along the way to fixing this tractor up, I learned a lot about wiring problems from my Dad (in addition to being a great mechanic, he’s also a licensed electrician. Winning combo!). Here are some of our best tips for tractor electrical work:

1. When you’re installing a new harness, no need to start from scratch: firmly tape the new wires to the old wires, and pull through the loom. Voila! No need to thread individual wires through tight spots.
2. Some harnesses come with additional wire that you might not use. That’s okay – but be sure to seal off unused wires properly. Cut the wire flush, then put same tape or a wire nut over the end.
3. In the same way that you wouldn’t change the oil in your car without also replacing the filter, you should change your battery cables when you replace the harness. Battery cables need to be clean and in good condition.

4. If the wires are stiff, try putting a little bit of dish soap on the wires to help them slide through easier.

There you have it! These are my best tips for tractor electrical work. How about you – do you know any (safe!) shortcuts or tricks to make these difficult jobs go a little easier? If so, share in the comments below.