tractor-clubsThank you all for your participation in our Tractor Club Outreach survey.

We received over 1,400 responses and we sent the first 1,000 to reply a free STP calendar!  Let us know how you like the 2017 calendar.

This was one of our first attempts at an online survey, we requested your address for the calendar, but not your phone number or email for easier follow up…oops.  Many people asked questions and we want to address a few of the most common ones.

Q:  I didn’t know you had an outreach program. How do I get more information about it?

A:  You can view details of our 2016 program on our website at:  Tractor Club Program   This page will be updated shortly with downloadable forms and information on the 2017 program.   If you expressed interest in the program on our survey,  one person from each club will receive our letter announcing the program in January. Please coordinate with other club members to avoid confusion and help us streamline the process.  Watch your mailbox!

Q:  I don’t belong to a club (67% of the respondents did not belong to a club).  How do I find one in my area?

A:  We have a club locator here on our blog at: Tractor Club Locator.  If you want your club to be included, sign up for our outreach program or email us at: with your club information and request to be added or updated on the locator.

Q:  Where can I find a list of shows that you work with?

A:  We have a tractor show calendar here on our blog at: Tractor Show Calendar. Each of these shows on the calendar received materials for distribution.


Q:  Will you come to our show and set up a booth?

A:  We are not equipped to travel to shows with a staff and a booth for selling parts.  We do work with clubs to distribute our catalogs and giveaway items and financially sponsor many shows.  In 2016, we did have staff members travel to several shows for our drone footage, photos and videos.


Q:  I requested that you contact me about my show and I haven’t heard back yet.  When will you reach out?

A:  Many people asked us to reach out to them. Thank you!  We are setting our budget and our goals for the 2017 tractor club outreach program in November of 2016.  You will receive a letter about the program in early January. If you have a winter show and need to have a discussion before then, please email us at:


Q:  I am in a tractor club and we don’t receive catalogs or giveaways from you.  Why not? 

A:  Simply because we don’t know about your club yet!  We are adding all of you that showed interest to receive our mailing in early January.  Thank you for your interest! We look forward to working with you in 2017.


We received great feedback that will help us grow the tractor club program in 2017.  We love to hear from new people and look forward to working with everyone again next year.  If you have feedback or questions about the program, please feel free to reach out to Elizabeth at