This 1943 Farmall B is our November featured winner. Chuck and Leslie Sabo were the winners in our 2017 Catalog Photo Contest this Summer, here is their story.


Pretty pink tractor! Fun for two people to ride.

1943 Farmall B was bought at a sale by my late father, Charles Sabo Jr., the two of us planned to restore it. A few months later, he found out he had cancer and passed away shortly after. Under the circumstances, it was hard to find the motivation to restore it without him. Ever since I was old enough, I wanted to be right up under him working on tractors, we had even talked about the plans we had for the B. One day, I asked my (then) fiance to drive my 1936 Case. She jokingly replied, “l’m not driving a tractor unless it’s pink!” That was the motivation I needed and decided to pull the B out of the shop and restore the tractor for her. I surprised her with it on our first year anniversary and it’s been turning heads ever since. I know painting the tractor pink would have never crossed my father’s mind and he may have said, “Son, what are you thinking?” But, to know the joy that it brings us when we ride in parades, participate in charity events and go to shows, he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Chuck & Leslie Sabo
Emporia, Virginia