Did you know that it’s possible to swap engines among many Ford tractors?


One of the best swaps is to put a larger engine in a Jubilee Ford. If you’re looking for a great little pulling tractor or just a fun powerhouse, this can be just the ticket!

Jubilee Ford tractors came from the factory with a 134 cubic inch engine. At the end of these tractors short but very popular production run, they were reborn as the hundred series (600, 700, 800, 900). The smaller models in the hundred series has the same 134 cubic inch engine, but the larger models came with a beefier 172 cubic inch engine.

These engines are similar enough that you can swap them around. It’s an easy bolt-for-bolt change to put a larger 172 cubic inch engine in a Jubilee Ford tractor.


This project isn’t for a beginner mechanic, but it’s basically straightforward. I’d rate the project as intermediate. The Jubilee’s size is a very manageable, and it’s designed to be repaired with regular shop tools.

Making the switch can be an inexpensive project, too – if you know where to look! The 172 cubic inch engine was used in plenty of Ford tractors over the years. My best tip: harvest an engine from a tractor with a junked select-o-speed transmission.

If you’re looking for a project to settle into over the cold months ahead, this is a great one. Give it a try and then let us know how it goes!