2017 Calendar – Photo Contest Winners

Ford Tractor

Judy Kitson – Ford – Page, Arizona

Ford 2N belonging to Judy Kitson, sits among the spring flowers in Page, Arizona.

Case SO

Devin Motter – 1948 Case SO – Myerstown, Pennsylvania

1948 Case SO. Originally owned by my late Grandfather. My Dad and I finished the restoration in May 2015.

John Deere

Arlan Bentz – John Deere – Wichita, Kansas

Wheatland Poppin Johnnies annual plow day near Wichita Kansas. Foreground tractor is a John Deere 730 Diesel pulling a 3 bottom plow with two John Deere R Diesels in the background, one pulling a 3 bottom plow and the other pulling a 4 bottom plow.

Ford Powermaster

Gary Knowles – 1959 Ford 801 Powermaster Diesel – Miami, Florida

My favorite Ford tractor, 1959 801 Powermaster Diesel. Restored in 2014, she is at home on the PA Ranch in southwest Florida where she is used for herding cattle, spraying, mowing and road maintenance.

Farmall 460

William Goeman – 1961 Farmall 460 – Meservey, Iowa

Allis Chalmers D-17

Jodie Schmitt – 1959 Allis Chalmers D17 – Kokomo, Indiana

This is my Dad, Joe Comerford, Peru,Indiana, harvesting wheat with his All-Crop combine pulled by his 1959 Allis Chalmers D-17. The D-17 belonged to his father and the combine is one of seven A-C combines that he owns.

Case IH 9170

Brett Nordwald – 1989 Case IH 9170 – Warrenton, Missouri
(Photo by Sarah Owenby Photography)

This 1989 Case 9170 is owned by the Schulze family of Warrentor Missouri. It is used in their farming and excavating business. It is hardly recognizable from its previous state after being restored by Brett Nordwald also of Warrentor Missouri.

John Deere G

Matt Cline – John Deere G – Guthrie Center, Iowa

I always hate to pass up the opportunity for a great sunset photo, and I just happened to have the 1951 G out of the shed on the evening I took this picture. The light was just perfect for only a couple of minutes, and shortly after I snapped this picture all of the beautiful highlights in the clouds, as well as the rainbow, were gone. I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to not only take this picture, but also to share it will all of my great fellow Steiner customers in your 2017 catalog!

Farmall H

April Brown – Farmall H – Sutton, Massachusetts

Fairview Farm’s 1940 Farmall H taken at Eaton Farm, Sutton, Massachusetts. Owned by Bob Largess and restored by Jeff Perry.

Allis Chalmers D10

Chuck & Kathy Congleton – 1963 Allis Chalmers D10 – Brandon, Wisconsin

Farmall H

Mikel Hofer – 1943 Farmall H – Doland, South Dakota

1943 Farmall H owned by Mikel Hofer of Doland South Dakota. Bought by Mikel when he was 15 years old and restored over 8 years by a three generation team including Paul M (Grandfather), Perry (Father) and Mikel.

John Deere

Todd Radashaw -1942 John Deere B – Lowell, Michigan

Original, one family owned tractor. Tractor was purchased by my Grandfather in 1942, just after the start of the war. Grandfather, Father & Uncle farmed with it in New Haven Michigan until mid 1960’s then parked in a barn. Grandfather died in 1972, and my uncle moved it to another barn in 1992. It was rough, but all there. In 2008 my two young sons and I retrieved it and restored it as a family project. Four generations of family have loved this tractor.

Multi Brand Tractors

Leah Daugherty – Holden, Missouri

The picture was taken in Chilhowee, Missouri. Our club, CAFMCO hosts a 3 day Fall show each September. This picture is the Massey Harris feature line up. We invite local school groups as well as workshops, veterans, home school groups etc to tour free of charge on Friday of the show. There are demonstrations of blacksmithing, apple butter, cider, weaving, sorghum making, petting zoo, threshing, baling, etc. We have antique and classic tractor pulls, kids games, pony pull, and a church service on Sunday.