Check out these pristine Massey Harris 44 Vineyard and Orchard tractors!

These tractors were a part of the Charles Schneider collection (sold by Mecum Auctions earlier this summer). I got to check out these pristine restorations on sale day, and I sure was impressed! I’ve seen lots of MH 44 tractors (it is, after all, the most popular model Massey Harris produced), but I’ve never seen anything like this up close and in person.

These tractors are equipped with a regular MH 44 engine and have many unique features. Both models are equipped with a hand clutch. There are no hydraulics, or place for a belt pulley.


The ultra-rare Vineyard tractor is one of just 30 tractors manufactured. It was produced in 1950. Only 2 tractors of this model are known to be restored today. The tractor sold for $14,500.

With so few Vineyard tractors in existance, details on this model are sketchy. I’ve read (but haven’t confirmed) that the very narrow rear axles proved problematic for the company, eventually resulting in a massive recall of the Vineyard model and a stop in production.


The Orchard version of the same tractor was produced for two years (1950 and 1951). It is also very rare, although not quite as uncommon as the Vineyard model. Approximately 150 Orchard tractors were produced. This tractor’s high bid was $13,500, which did not meet the seller’s reserve.

What a neat pair of Massey Harris tractors!