“I found this tractor in Lenoir North Carolina and really liked it, all though it needed rewired new gauges, complete tune up and a faint knock. I thought the knock was a broke rocker arm, plus it was decent priced and I had never heard of a 2606, so I bought it and brought it back to Tennessee not knowing what to expect, I started tearing it down, well it wasn’t a broke rocker. It spun a bearing the head needed reworked and the intake and exhaust manifold needed resurfaced and carb rebuild, but on the bright side it had new tires. Had the crank turned rebuilt the engine changed all the fluids and installed new clutch and started it, it ran like new. So started the body work and to my surprise the whole tractor was yellow under the red and on each side of the hood said DOT when I sanded it. After that I began the painting process, also I found it very difficult to find parts for 2606 you could find them for 606. Researching the web didn’t offer much other than it was a rare industrial tractor, and found some place that said only about 1500 were made, it was missing a emblem on one side and could not find another one anywhere, so I had to have it custom made. I have grown to like this tractor very much since I have bought it and bought several parts from Steiner to restore it back to what it was in its glory days.”

Chris Brown
Greenville, Tennessee