Earlier this week I challenged you to a quiz: can you recognize these tractors (make and model) without their color or decal?

Here are the answers. Kudos to Ryan Foster for being the first person to get nearly all of them correct!
Tractor #1: Ford 5000.Tractor1

Tractor #2: Cockshutt 20.Tractor2

Tractor #3: Ford 871 (give yourself a pat on the back if you got the select-o-speed or the gold color correct too!)


Tractor #4: Massey Harris 44 (with bonus points if you were able to tell / guess that it’s a special!)


Tractor #5: Moline 4 Star.


Tractor #6: John Deere 730 DieselTractor6

Tractor #7: Farmall MV.


Tractor #8: Case VAC. Tractor8

Tractor #9: Oliver Super 99 GM.Tractor9

Tractor # 10: Massey Ferguson 180