Beckey-ShererMe and my tractor story: Well anyone that knows me,  knows the story of my “wedding ring” tractor. When my husband and I married 20 some years ago, I didn’t have a ring as I wanted to design one. Well, just after getting married, I found this wonderful little Cletrac F crawler and it was just like the cute little crawler I had seen at Oscar’s Dreamland in Billings Montana! I had fallen in love with the one that Oscar Cooke’s wife had found in Canada, and could not get that tractor out of my heart! Just a few miles from home, Roger took me to see a Farmall sitting in a field. I looked next door, and back behind a shed it was there just waiting for me! I could not believe my eyes! I asked the guys that had the Farmall if they knew anything about that little Cletrac, and they told me I didn’t have enough money to buy it. We left, and I saw a for sale sign on the property and called. I told my husband I really wanted to buy that crawler even though it was quite a lot of money. He said, it was a ring or the tractor, and well we know how that turned out! I love my little Cletrac, and it is my priceless treasure.

Beckey Sherer
Preston, Idaho