Many customers are confused about the differences between the Cub’s and the number series. Use this handy list to help you determine which machine you have.

Cub Tractor








Cub, Cub Loboy:

  • Driver offset to right side
  • Round fenders
  • Steering offset to right side (runs along right side of hood)
  • Gearshift lever left of driver
  • Cast iron frame
  • Round front axle
  • Radiator bolts directly to front support casting (No lower tank)
  • Hydraulics under fuel tank
  • Foot platform offset to right side
  • ‘Rod’ style throttle linkage
  • Headlights attach to front radiator side plates

International 184








154, 184, 185:

  • Driver sits in the middle
  • Channel iron frame rails
  • Cable throttle
  • Flat top square fenders
  • Steering box & steering wheel in center of tractor
  • Cast I beam front axle
  • Driver straddles gear shift lever
  • Radiator does NOT bolt to front support casting it has a separate bottom tank
  • Hydraulics controlled by valves hidden from view
  • Running boards on each side
  • Headlights in front grill