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Life With All Our Tractors

I was born and raised here on a 280 acre farm in West Central Wisconsin. My Great Grandfather purchased the farm in 1897. My wife Kathy and I built our home on the Northeast corner of the farm in 1977. We had Case and IH tractors and equipment when I was growing up.

In 1970 I worked on the Loren Young farm and he had Olivers, 880, Super 88 and 77, all diesels. I fell in love with those Olivers and his daughter Kathy. We were married September 1, 1973. We have four children and seven granchildren. My son Scott and I are diesel mechanics by trade, we have a large shop were we work on our old tractors, six of which are sued for antique and farm pulling.

My grandson Xander pulled his Moline U for the first time in Fountain City. He took a 1st and 2nd in his classes. His dad Scott and I were very proud of him. He did a great job for only being 8 years old, but he has lots of hours of practice at home. We had three generations pulling that night.

We have purchased parts from Steiner Tractor Parts over the years. You have an excellent and friendly staff with reasonably priced parts. I also enjoy your catalog. Here are a few photos of some of our collection.

Ed and Kathy Chamberlain
Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Farmall M Restoration

This 1951 Farmall M tractor had sat unused for 10 years. Engine was stuck at first, we were able to free it up and get it running. Then we stripped the tractor down and repaired numerous problems. Repainted and reassembled.

Converted to 12 Volt system and put in all new fluids. Tractor had been converted to a 9-speed transmission and added power steering in the past.

Many improvements have been made thanks to Steiner tractor parts. Have driven it in parades and to local antique tractor shows.

Gaylen Anderson
Oakland, Nebraska

Restored Farmall

1954 Ford Jubilee Restoration

I bought this 1954 Ford Jubilee 2 years ago and started buying parts for it. In July of 2018 I started to rebuild and paint it, once I started I just couldn’t stop myself. It is my first tractor restoration and it is very addictive. Now I am looking for the next project.

Kenneth Holder
Gilbert, Louisiana

Bringing it home.
Starting to reassemble.
With spreader.

Allis Chalmers B

Our customer, Kenneth, in Idaho is doing a complete restoration on an Allis Chalmers B.  He’s been purchasing everything to rebuild from Steiner. 

Parts to rebuild the Fairbanks Morse magneto, new gauges, a new battery box, carb rebuild,  a new steering wheel, various gaskets, eccentric style rear wheel clamps, seat cushions and hardware, muffler and raincap as well as various knobs, caps, cables and boots. 

Thanks for being such a loyal customer, Kenneth! We can’t wait to see this project come together.  Keep the pictures coming!

Best Family and their Family Tractors

The Best Brothers, Casey and Spencer and their sister’s Maggie and Emma are part of the Smith Family of Jones County Texas. We have been Americans since 1677 and Texans since before 1858. We still own the Smith Family Farm near Hamlin, TX that George Wood Smith moved his family to in 1921 in a mule drawn wagon. There was no highway here then, The Family arrived on Thanksgiving Day in 1921.


Casey and Spencer Best started going to the South Plains Antique Show in Lubbock 7 years ago, Casey in a stroller and Spencer in his Mother Sally’s arms or in Dad Shawn’s arms. Just-some-of-my-girlsSeveral years ago they asked Grandpa G if we could have a tractor to enter in the tractor show and of course I said yes. Well the 2014 tractor show, the tractor became reality for two Best Brothers at that time only 8 and 7 years old. But now we have the H Farmall, a Farmall C and a Farmall Regular. Sharon's-Phone-1183Only time will tell when the new additions will be at the tractor show but we are working on them. As you can see in the photos, the Best Brothers are hands on tractor owners. You can not even imagine the fun that Grandpa G gets from the Best Brothers and their tractors. By the way we also have a 46 Flexible bus that will soon be pulling tractors with 6 bunks, restroom and kitchen facilities for a real Texas Road Trip to the tractor shows. So Spencer says do you think that George Wood Smith is proud of his name on the lane to the farmhouse, I think so. I have no idea if our ancestors can see us working on the tractors and on the farm but if they are watching they love the Smith Family Farm, 94 years and counting. We will be here on Thanksgiving 2021, some or all of the Family. I sure hope I get to make that event, I will be 77.

Jerry Smith
Hamlin, Texas

More family and tractor images:

IH McCormick W-6 Looking Like New Again

David-Linenberg This photo is my Fathers 1951 McCormick W6. It was my fathers hook and pull tractor for many years until he retired from farming. The tractor ended in the corner of the shed, looking well used for more than 25 years. I just couldn’t let it sit there with the history it had. So I brought it home to give it new life again.

With very few IH dealerships in the area I tried eBay for some things but you couldn’t be sure if it was right or what you was getting. Then I received your catalog. You had what I needed and I knew I had someone to talk too.

Thank you for helping me bring memories back to life for many more years!

David Linenberg
Warrens, Wisconsin

Ferguson TEA Restoration

Ferguson TEA After restoration


This tractor is a Ferguson TEA 2085, 1954 model that my Dad bought new in 1956.It was used a lot on our farm. I spent many hours driving it doing field work. Dad has passed on now. The tractor wasn’t used for the last 20 years. I’m retired from the mill wrighting job so I thought I would like to restore the old girl back to it’s original condition, which I did last year, 2015.

Ferguson TEA before restoration

It needed a ton of parts, all four tires and both rear rims were replaced, ignition and lighting wiring replaced, new brakes, new front spindle bushings and bearing. Hood and grille were dented and needed body work, etc..

Tore it down to the chassis, sandblasted it and then I repainted the whole tractor with epoxy primer and acrylic car enamel. John-Rutherford-2 Looks better than when it was new and the engine starts on the 3rd spin. It cost a lot but the results were worth every dollar. The pictures show the tractor the way it was before, chassis painted, and the finished job.

John Rutherford
Emira, Ontarios, Canada

Case Tractor Reunited with Family

Case 730 before restoration

Case 730 after restorationIn 1963 My husbands father worked on a farm. My husband and his three sisters lived there, or so it seemed. They were put to work and as soon as their legs were long enough to reach the pedals they were on tractors operating them. More than once my husband, Russell Geyer III, was found asleep in the seat. How did they learn to drive them you may ask, well my husbands father put him on the tractor out in the field and said “you’ll get home when you figure it out”. For generations the Geyer family lived for farming. But the family tradition would be broken in the early 1980’s. The farm was sold, equipment was sold and divided among the eastern seaboard. The one tractor that the Geyer family favored was a 1963 Case 730, she was operated mainly by the Geyer men. the 730 was left on the farm. The family moved, jobs were switched, and the 730 was left abandoned. She may have been abandoned but never forgotten. In 2014, Russell Geyer III, found the current owner of the property and purchased the 730. She was found in the back with weeds taller than her frame, and a tree growing, coming up from between the rods. A very sad sight to see, but he wasn’t leaving without her. Surprisingly she was pulled onto the trailer quite easily even with a broken tie rod. She was meant to come HOME. She was stored in the shop and slowly broken down to assess the damage mother nature had taken on her. The heads were planed, and rebuilt, oil changed, points replaced, and fresh gas poured in. After a moment of silence, she roared to life. She still had along way to go but she was alive. We spent seven months of compiling parts from all over the United States she was ready to be put back together and restored to her glory days. After countless hours, late nights, and few pulled muscles, she was complete. My husband and I called his father and the previous partner at the farm to the house for her big reveal. It was a amazing sight to witness, three grown men physically in the present, but mentally they were in 1963 back on the farm. The three swapped stories of her pulling down trees no other tractor on the property could handle. She was a hard working tractor who deserved every cent. She was restored, but the few dents and blemishes were left. They tell her story, almost like badges of honor she had earned. After 20 years of memories with my husband and his childhood, she will take her place in our family with our two young daughters who are itching to find their way home in the seat of that old girl.

Jennifer Geyer
Houston, Delaware