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October Featured Photo

“This is my recently restored 1952 Allis Chalmers WD. I won the tractor at an auction at the Le Sueur Minnesota Pioneer Show as a barely running, well-used machine right out of the field. I spent the first year just scraping congealed grease from the frame. The next three years were spent tearing it down into its various components, babying each one. Thanks to encouragement, technical help, and some physical effort from my friends of the Park Rapids, MN Antique Tractor Club, I got “Alice” up and running a year ago. It’s my parade tractor and my pride and joy!”

-Noel Allard


Northern Antique Power Club 2017 Show

We would like to thank everyone at Steiner Tractor Parts for being a partner in our show. We had our most successful show ever this year. And again this year our pullers and tractor displayers were excited to see the 2017 Steiner Catalog.

I have enclosed a few pictures from our show. We displayed our Steiner banner at our antique tractor pull arena. We had a lot of comments from the pullers about how they loved Steiner’s service and shipping (personally I know that my husband loves to order enough to get the free hat when they are being offered).

Thank you again for your support of our show. The hats, t-shirts, funnels, little bottle opener guys and the candy were, as always, a big hit.


Charly Baron
Secretary, Northern Nevada Antique Power Club


Oakley Show & “Gathering of the Orange”

We’re hitting the road and heading to the largest gas tractor show in Michigan. This year they also have the honor of hosting the National Allis Chalmers “Gathering of the Orange” show. With four days of jam-packed fun, this show is one you won’t want to miss.

Stop by our table and pick up a copy of our 2017 catalog, or come visit us at our store in Lennon, less than 25 miles away.

Mid-Michigan Old Gas Tractor’s 43rd Annual Show

                               “Gathering of the Orange”

                                August 17th – 20th, 2017

-Tractor Pulls         -Small Engines        -Threshing        -Steam Engines
-Machine Shop      -Arts & Crafts           -Tinsmith         -Cross Cut Saw
-Crop Demos          -Broom Making       -Quilting           -Flea Market
-Kids Crafts            -Petting Zoo             -Drag Saw        -Shingle Mill
-Rock Crushing      -Wood Working       -Baling              -Grist Mill
-Dynamometers     -Souvenir Shack      -Gang Saw       -Blacksmith
-Handle Mill            -Veneer Mill             -Saw Mill          -Engine Barn
-Food Vendors       -Daily Parade           -Fireworks        -Tractor Raffle
-Basket Making      -Wool Spinning       -Live Bands      -Bingo

For more details, please view our event page or


Tractor Drive Test for Water Pump

Bret Weikert was heading out on the Tractor Relay Across Nebraska but before he left he needed a new water pump for his Farmall M. Bret spoke with our tech Dennis and he sold  him on our newly designed IHS189. After completing the 9 day, 500 mile drive Bret emailed us with his story and pictures.

Just a recap I purchased one of your newly redesigned water pumps for a Farmall M. It has worked flawlessly with no leaks or issues. It was very easy to install even with the radiator still in place. Took my dad and I around 45 minutes. No complaints here and I may have even sold a few other guys on our tractor drive on purchasing them from you too.

The ride I went on was the Tractor Relay Across Nebraska. It was 9 days and somewhere between 400-500 miles long. Steiner was a sponsor for part of the ride and I thank you for that sponsorship. We also raise money for Operation Comfort Warriors along our trip and that is something the relay has been doing for 4 or 5 years now.

For more information you can check out the club’s Facebook page.

Amazing Allis Collection

Join our friends at Mecum Gone Farmin’ July 14-15th, 2017 in Renfrew, Ontario Canada where more then 300 tractors and 100 parts will be auctioned off.

Get a look at the worlds largest Allis Chalmers collection featuring virtually every model built in the company’s 70 years of producing tractors. George Nesbitt’s collection is truly a walk through Allis Chalmers history.

And while you are there grab a free Steiner Tractor Parts catalog!

For more details visit the Gone Farmin’ site.

For a look at the online book click here.



Tractors on the Big Mack

This picture was taken in 2011, the third year our of eight that we have crossed the Mackinac bridge in the Antique Tractor Crossing. Pictured in the photo starting with the front tractor, my son Shaun Keenan on his 1946 John Deere A, then my oldest son Dan Keenan on his 1936 John Deere B, and I am on my 1955 Allis Chalmers WD-45. All of these tractors have been fully restored with parts from Steiner on our family farm with the help of our good friend Bob Eggebrecht.

Mike Keenan



Improve your visibility on the road or in the field

Our tough, new LED lamps provide additional lighting without overloading your existing electrical system. ABC3696 and IHS3698 work on both 6-volt and 12-volt applications. ABC3696 fits FDS177, FDS192, FDS193 and FDS213 housings.  IHS3698 fits our IHS463 lights. These sealed beam lamps are also designed to fit the OEM lights. View our website for a full list of applications.

  • Draws less amps than the original light
  • Scratch resistant lens
  • Rated at 50,000 hours lifetime
  • Lamps have a heavy die cast body with integral heat sink fins
  • Provides a brighter, whiter light to enhance visibility and safety

Grandfather’s Allis Chalmers

This Allis Chalmers D15 II originally belonged to my Grandfather. I was a little guy, but planted corn with this tractor pulling a 6 row Allis planter. Next in line was my Father. He owned the tractor for many years. It needed some work, radiator, water pump, and several more items that almost left it backwards on the price page. There were too many memories and straight metal to let it get away, so I chose to invest in it and learn the restoration process, and brought it back to life.

Now it drives parades and goes to shows, and lives a little easier than it did in the past. Functionally almost like new, and is a bit unique in the midst of JD country.

Rob Stuhr
Bradshaw, Nebraska

Allis Chalmers D-21 with Front-Wheel-Assist

Here’s something you’ve (probably) never seen before: An Allis Chalmers D-21 with Front-Wheel Assist!


This tractor was custom-made by Ted and Hans VanValkenburg. Ted and his son Hans are from upstate New York. They’ve been Allis-Chalmers enthusiasts for a long time, and they’re always up to a new challenge! Here’s the story of this unique tractor.


They found this D-21 sitting outside an airport hangar. It was a single-owner machine, but it had been neglected and was in non-working condition. Ted and Hans decided to restore it into good working order. After rebuilding the engine, they were up for another challenge: Front-Wheel Assist.

Ted and Hans aren’t the first people who have thought it would be cool to have FWA on a D-21. The Allis Chalmers company produced 10 hydraulic FWA tractors themselves back in 1967. Rumor has it that 9 out of 10 were turned back into the company, and no one knows what happened to the remaining one. It’s an intriguing mystery!


This tractor isn’t the legendary 10th factory original FWA – but the addition looks so good you’d never know the difference! Instead of making the conversion with aftermarket parts, Ted and Hans went all out. They built the FWA exclusively with authentic AC parts. I’d bet it could even fool an Allis-Chalmers Engineer!

The first step in adding the FWA system was finding a tractor to serve as a “donor.” Ted and Hans uncovered a good (but not perfect) fit in a hydraulic FWA system on a Model R66 Gleaner AC combine. Once they got the parts, they needed to figure out how to fit them onto the D-21 tractor.


Getting the hydraulic flow right turned out to be the hardest part of the job. (Maybe this is where Allis-Chalmers had trouble back in the 60s?) Ted and Hans kept at it. They collaborated with 3 other men and spent a total of 200+ hours figuring out how to get the flow valve right to properly circulate the oil. After a lot of hard work, they got it right – wow!  

Ted and Hans completed this project back in 2015. Since then, it’s continued to operate perfectly. They haven’t taken it to many shows yet, but who knows – maybe it will appear at a show near you next summer! Thanks for sharing, Ted and Hans, and great job!