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John Deere Projects

1953 John Deere 40 S

Here are some pictures of my John Deere project. This time it is not another tractor, but a wood splitter using a John Deere LU power unit. It is basically like the LA. Some of the features I used are as follows.

  1. Two cylinder LU motor / crank start with magneto.
  2. 16″ tires from my pickup.
  3. Hydraulic pump off of a street sweeper.
  4. Hydraulic ram off a Caterpillar dozer.
  5. Old vehicle axle and hubs.
  6. Large steel beam from scrap yard.
  7. Time, lots and lots of time cutting, fitting, welding, grinding, and painting.

I am happy to say that it will rip or tear any type of wood. It is always in demand from one of my friends or relatives. I love to listen to the Poppon’ Johnny run.

Alan Smith

1953 John Deere 40 S
D4 in the dirt
Wood Splitter

1954 Ford Jubilee Restoration

I bought this 1954 Ford Jubilee 2 years ago and started buying parts for it. In July of 2018 I started to rebuild and paint it, once I started I just couldn’t stop myself. It is my first tractor restoration and it is very addictive. Now I am looking for the next project.

Kenneth Holder
Gilbert, Louisiana

Bringing it home.
Starting to reassemble.
With spreader.

Sitting in the Shed

Setting in the Shed
Setting in the Shed – 1957 Farmall 450 Diesel

Back in college I was helping a farmer in the Summer and saw it setting in the shed, and fell in love. It was a 1957 Farmall 450 diesel with TA. He said it hasn’t run in years due to a bad injector. So I am 29 now and 2 years ago it came up for sale so my Dad and I purchased that same tractor.

I was able to find a used injector online and got it running. It needs a radiator due to a hole in the top and a few minor things like a tachometer, headlight wiring, and I did drain 15 gallons of water from the transmission. But it dyno’s at 58 hp which was enormous for a 50’s tractor. And only being produced from 1956-1958 it is rather rare.

I have always loved IH/Farmall tractor since I was little. I have recently acquired my late Grandfather’s restored 1945 Farmall H, and I know he would of loved to see what I’ve accomplished so far with the 450. And it sounds killer with a straight stack. I plan to use the tractor in parades and to use it around the farm when making hay, not work it too hard,  just enough to keep it from dying a slow death from just setting around. I feel all old equipment should have its legs stretched at least once a year.

Jake Rygiel

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Family Fordson


1926 Fordson Tractor

My family has been on our land since the 1920’s. It is a small 8 acre plot in Ohio. My Grandfather was born here on this land in 1932. My father was born on this land  in  1968, and passed away in 2008. I was born on this land in 1987 and both my kids were born on this land in 2011 and 2015. My grand dad would tell me that they used the 1926 Fordson tractor for every little thing. He would help the farmer’s around us with any thing they needed. All of the land around us has been developed or sold off. Wish I could go back to the old days and see it all.

The Fordson has rubber wheels on it now but the steel wheels are in the barn. I need to get new plugs and wires so I can get her cranking again.

Patrick Mattern
Wintersville, Ohio


1948 Allis Chalmers WD

Allis Chalmers Tractor

This is our 1948 Allis Chalmers WD. The serial number is 308, which makes it a very early, WD Allis Chalmers. My owners are Bill Giffen and Maria Gerhold of London, Ontario, Canada.

Also, thank you for having a place where we people that love old tractors can find parts to keep them alive and running.

Bill Giffen
Ontario, Canada

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1954 Allis Chalmers WD45 Tractor

This was definitely a barn find. This tractor set in a barn for the past 20 years and had not been started since parked. A friend wanting to clean out his barn offered me the tractor if I could get it started and remove it from his barn. My sons and I cleaned out the fuel system rebuilt the carburetor, changed the oil, plugs, wires, and battery.  To our surprise and joy it started right up.  

After we completed a victory dance around the tractor we tinkered with the hydraulics and drove it home. In my shop I completely disassembled the project and began rebuilding it one piece at a time. It seemed every Monday I would place an order with Steiner Tractor and when I got into a real bind, which was often, I would ask for Dennis who would walk me thru the problem. This was my first tractor restoration and I don’t believe I would have completed it if it weren’t  for Steiner and Dennis.

I started this project in December 2016 and completed it on June 1, 2017. I live in a small agriculture and mining community and have had many folks compliment me on my finished tractor. In my 71 years I’ve painted many things but this tractor had to be the hardest, but I’m proud of the end result.

Skip Hammargren
Winnemucca, Nevada



Bird Sanctuary to Christmas Ornament

My name is Dave and the tractor story I have is about a 1944 Case model DO. What started all this was my father and I were sitting down at my parents house in Florida. They bought a house there over seven years ago and moved there full time.

Now back at our old family house hold around Christmas time we would pick a piece of equipment or a machine and decorate it with lights for the holidays. The last time we all as a family did that was in 2007. So two years ago around November early December my father and I were talking about how fun it was putting the lights up and how we both enjoy our tractors and machines. The last tractor we did was our 1941 Farmall H and it looked good so we thought and talked about how can we do this in a subdivision in Florida?? Well after some time trying to figure out how to get a tractor home, we found one that worked perfectly!

Here’s the Paul Harvey story lol, I was on the internet and found an ad for our Case tractor that the man we bought it from couldn’t keep anymore. So naturally we inquired about it and found it in Tampa Florida about a 30 minute drive from our house. Now when we got the directions where to meet the guy we were surprised to find out it was a Bird Sanctuary. Mr Zaksee was his name and birds were his game. This place was just amazing for what it was and sure enough there was the little Case sitting by a tree. After awhile of chatting and some laughs we made a deal and the very next day got a trailer and picked her up and brought her home. And boy what a feeling it is bringing a new toy home. The main reason we purchased the Case was for a Christmas ornament for our home. And to find a vintage tractor in a bird scantuary is neato.

We fell in love with it because it needed to be saved from where it was. We brought it home and cleaned her up. Even put a quick coat of Case orange to protect it a little. When Christmas came around that Case looked great in our subdivision.

David Foltz Jr.
Spring Hill, Florida

1933 F12 Down Under

My Dad got the F12 to run the corn cracker and to back up the dairy shed, at the time when they stopped milking cows it got put into the barn and just sat there. As kids we loved playing on it and always wanted to see it go but that never happened. So four years ago I just got her out. What a wonderful and amazing tractor and Dad’s smile just priceless.

Finished my 1933 F12 down here in Australia, thank for your help and parts were top quality.



Steven Easton
Queensland, Australia


WX Allis-Farmall Skidder

“Before I started to build this skidder I collected parts that I thought I might use on the project. When I got ready to build it I borrowed $4,000 to buy all new parts for the WC Allis engine, all new hydraulic parts and hoses, new tires, steel as needed. The two rear ends are Farmall F12s, I found out afterwards that F12s had six different gear ratios in them so you have to make sure they are the same otherwise you can’t  use it in four wheel drive! The wheels are 28″ from an Allis and I made my own hubs to fit the F12 axles. From the Allis transmission to the F12 drive line there is a #100 roller chain with a one to one ratio that connects the two. I spent six Saturdays and a few evenings building it probably about 200 hours.”

Gerald Sundberg
Duluth, Minnesota

Father – Son Restoration Ford

 My dad purchased this 1957 861 Powermaster Tractor in 2013. We decided to turn it into a father-son restoration project. Fortunately, the original tractor was in good shape body wise; our goal was to bring the old tractor back to its glorious state. We completely took apart the tractor piece by piece to restore it.

After several months of late hours, the project was completed. We took pictures throughout the process to see before and after pictures. The end result was a true project to be proud of. The tractor is used regularly now on both of our properties and is something that can be handed down from generation to generation.

Daniel Johnson
Brownsville, Kentucky