We are committed to constant and never ending improvements. This goal is exemplified by our retooling of two of our IHC Farmall manifolds, IHS002C and IHS003B. IHS002C  fits Farmall H, Super H, 300 and 350 tractors. IHS003B fits Farmall M, Super M, 400 and 450 manifolds.

Both manifolds must be made to exacting standards in order for the governor linkage to align properly as it is connected to the carburetor. The carburetor position is determined by the alignment of the manifold which must be in the correct X, Y and Z axes. Our factory is using custom checking fixtures which our engineering department designed. And we randomly check samples from production on engines blocks to ensure that the quality control department at the machine shop is doing a good job.

Our new IHS003B is reverse engineered off of a late Farmall M manifold. The early Farmall M was introduced in 1939 when octane ratings for gasoline were about ½ of today’s ratings. By the 1950s refineries began focusing on innovations which improved octane ratings. As a result the early boxy Farmall M manifold which was designed to allow the exhaust gas to heat the intake manifold by means of a heat exchange was largely eliminated.

Steiner is pleased to be the only company that offers the late style Farmall M gas manifold that is appropriate for modern day fuel octane ratings. We are also the only company that also offers the propane manifold, IHS659, which is even more efficient with modern gasoline.

Both of our new manifolds feature a very smooth surface which is the result of our use of modern steel tooling. Older molds for castings utilized wood tooling which lead to a rougher more uneven surface. While a rough surface may be more original, most collectors prefer the more professional look of our new manifolds.