I have a 1952 8N Ford tractor. Its been in my family for twenty years. It a good little tractor I use it all the time in the summer. I grade the driveway, brush beat around the place. I havent had it in any shows or in any clubs there is not any around here where I live. I did drive it in the 4th of July parade one year. I havent had to do any repairs to it other than points, plugs change oil things like that. One time I was brush beating and ran over something metal but didnt see anything in front of me while I was driving the tractor. I got it stopped and turned off and looked under the brushbeater and saw a gray piece of metal. I knew something fell off the tractor and sure enough the grill was gone. It had worked its way loose and fell off while I was driving. Boy I will never forget that sound.

Bruce Morris
Laverne, Oklahoma