Check out this perfect little F-20 tractor. Isn’t it a beauty!


It’s even more impressive when you know the story behind it – this F-20 is half-sized!

My friend Kurt Smith of Milan, MI is the mastermind behind The Little Tractor Company. This is the 40th little tractor he’s made. You may remember seeing some of his work in a previous post – here’s what he’s been up to since then.


The F-20 started with major parts from a couple tractors: the transmission, steering tower, and rear end is a 1955 Economy Power King tractor; the engine forward is from a Cub Cadet with a 3 cylinder gas engine made by Kubota. These tractors were never meant to be combined – but Kurt figured out how to make them work together!


Kurt invested around 320 hours in this tractor. He did all the sheet metal himself, in addition to most all of the mechanical work. Kurt is a real expert with an eye for detail. These custom, handmade tractors are really spectacular!

This tractor features a custom-made radiator. The air cleaner is from a MF 1120.


His mechanic (Les Grodi) did the drive line and shortened the drive shaft. He also figured out how to make the clutch work. His machinist, Todd Thompson, made the front steering tower and rear rims. The rims are made from disc blades!

His 39th little tractor, made earlier this year, is a 1468 International. This tractor started off as a MF 1120 that he acquired from a blueberry farm. It was the perfect base for this project – the driveline is completely unaltered. The engine is a 3-cylinder 16 horsepower Mitshubishi.


His machinist built the heat shield of stainless steel.


These front suitcase weights are a great touch – they’re actually garden tractor weights!


This tractor is fully functional – you could put it to work with a plow, loader, or mower! While Kurt’s tractors usually become show tractors, I think it’s neat that they could also be used as working tractors too!

Kurt displayed both of these tractors at the Red Power Round Up, where he took orders for 2 more tractors that will be similar to the 1468. I can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with next!

Kurt gave us a special sneak peek at what’s in his shop right now: a Moline U! The signature wide front axle is already complete.

Moline U Little Tractor

little tractor moline u
If you’d like to learn more about Kurt or even purchase one of these awesome tractors for yourself, check out Thanks for sharing, Kurt!