After restoration

On April 9, 2015 we brought home the tractor,  a 1948 Farmall C. The fella we bought it from let it sit for a few years with no fluids so when we brought it home the motor had set up and we pulled it down the road and put it in gear a few times and it broke free, then we pulled it around some more and after a few taps to the carb and some fresh gas


Before restoration

she  started. But we were getting bad throttle response so we put a new spring in the governor and fixed that, then it started too smoke so after a few months we tore the motor down and two valves were shot so we had them fixed then we put all new rings in the motor.

After we put it back together we had the tractor torn down once again and started to paint. We had 2 coats of primer and about 4 coats of nice Farmall red. Since then I have taken it in numerous parades and tractor drives with my tractor club. It has been to 2  tractor shows and will continue to be a show parade tractor!

Bubba Myers
Vestaburg, Michigan