Tractor Story – 1961 Massey Ferguson 35

I found this 1961 Massey Ferguson 35 in Orlando and felt sorry for her so I took a chance and bought it with the intentions of a quick paint job and then use it to mow with. Boy was I wrong, I got it home and there was oil and antifreeze coming out of everything, nothing worked and it needed alot. I got started and this is where I am so far. New front tires and wheels, new gauges, battery, front main seal, sand blasted the body and a complete repaint, new decals, new fuel filters, de-sludged the motor, new seat and mounting bracket, new steering wheel and trim, replaced voltage regulator, new fuel sending unit, new manifold and exhaust, new water pump and fan belt, new hood ornament. So far so good,  just lots of money and time.

John Reagan
Ocala, Florida

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