Tractor Story – 1944 John Deere LA

John Deere LA
His JD LA Before


The John Dere LA with the HIS sign is a 1944, serial number 8850.  I purchased it in Cameron, NC in Oct. of 2008.  I finished restoring it in July of 2010 in time for the Jennings County Fair in North Vernon,  IN.  It was completely torn down, and new bearing and seals were installed.  The engine bores were honed and new  piston rings installed.   The crank was ground and new mains and rod bearings were installed.  The radiator had to have a new radiator core, and the sheet metal needed a lot of work.  The entire tractor was wire brushed and sanded down before priming and painting.  A new set of front tires was required.
My wife liked the little LA so well she had to have one for

John Deere LA
Her JD LA Before

herself.  She purchased the one with the HERS sign  in Durham, Ct in April 2009. The serial tag was missing, but as far I as we can tell by parts on the tractor, it is between a 1941 and early 1944. We began the restoration in June of 2009 and finished in May of 2010.  This little LA required a lot of engine work as well as the  purchase of many sheet metal parts.  This tractor also needed a cam shaft, oil pump, valves, and guides.  The mag  was reworked.  All new seals and many new bearings along with a complete set of new tires were next. The whole tractor was sanded down, primed, and painted John Deere green and yellow.

The John Deere M is a 1950, serial number 43142, purchased in Jakin, Ga in Jan. 2010.  This purchase included a John Deere 404 mounted disk harrow and John Deere M2 mounted plow.  I began the restoration of this tractor in Jan. 2011 and finished June 2012 just in time for the Jennings County Fair.  This tractor had most all of the original parts, but  the whole tractor was completely worn out.  I had to have many shafts build up and refinished at a machine shop in order to stop oil and grease from leaking.   The engine had a complete overhaul, engine cylinders bored .045 oversize, new pistons, pistons pins, piston rings, rod and main bearings, crank ground .020 under for main and rods journals, all new valves and guides,and springs, all new seals and many,many new bearing were required.   A new radiator, wiring harness, gauges, and a new set of tires were also required. The M was sanded, primed, and repainted.

John Deere Tractors
His & Hers + M Finished

What started out as a one tractor restoration has multiplied! I think it is called Green Fever!  I have a 1953 John Deere 40T, 404 disc and plow, and a JD 80 trailer  waiting for me to start on!  Thank you for allowing us to submit these to you.

Dennis & Rosemary Edens
North Vernon,  Indiana

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