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1938 Massey Harris Challenger Twin Power

Steve-HansonIf I may I would like to share with you a story about a tractor that has been in my family since 1938.  I have a 1938 Massey Harris Challenger Twin Power.  My Grandfather purchased it from a Massey dealer in Arcadia Iowa on Feb. 25th 1938 according to the requisition that I have.  I also have the original tags that were on the tractor when it was new as well as a letter from Massey with the envelope that states he could buy the rear fenders for 15.00 and the pto with the large shield for 35.00 which he did purchase.  I have the owner’s manual and the parts book for the tractor and sales brochures  as well.  I have the steel wheels for it but the tractor is on rubber and buy looking at pictures I have of it I think this might be the only rear tires this tractor has seen.  The front tires I think are the second set of rubber because they have red dots on them which means they are World War II rubber.  I have not restored it and plan to keep it original.  I overhauled the magneto and carb. And it runs like a top but it is not bright and shiny, I have been debating to restore it like a new tractor or leave it as is.  I have had been told to leave it as is but we will see.


Thank you

Steve  Hansohn

FFA a Pink Ford 8N and an Amazing Girl

We received this story from Cassandra and couldn’t wait to share it. What a great story of a young lady with a love for tractor restoration and a heart open to helping others. Please share her story, she is a great example of our youth.

pink tractor 2 (2)

My name is Cassandra Gifford a recent graduate of Eufaula High School in the state of Alabama. I am currently a part of one of the greatest organizations available to youth, the FFA. Through FFA I have been blessed with many great opportunities, one involving restoring antique tractors. Being on the tractor restoration team for 3 years has inspired me to restore my own personal tractor. By restoring my own tractor it would allow me to get my American Degree, which is the highest award that you could achieve through FFA.

In the beginning the plan was to paint my tractor pink because not everyone has a PINK tractor and it would also keep my dad from using it to plant food plots for deer hunting. As my restoration progressed I would soon find out there would be a pink tractor competition through Fastline Publications, the best pink tractor submitted in August would gain the cover of the October addition in honor of breast cancer. After having heard about the disease I wanted to learn more about it, in doing so I found out more people were affected by this than I originally thought

I figured by using my tractor as a tool to somehow educate and give people hope and courage it would make a difference in their life. I work closely with Medical Center Barbour and Relay For Life and many other cancer related organizations. My tractor has been to many different fundraising events including the National Peanut Festival, Eufaula Pilgrimage, Indian Summer, Champions of Hope, and many other events. All funds donated are put into the Medical Center Barbour Breast Cancer Fund. As a female I’m aware of the risks and the sacrifices of Breast Cancer. While interviewing several Breast Cancer survivors I found out it was closer to home than I originally thought. Millions of women are diagnosed every year. Inspired by these stories I knew I wanted to restore this 1952 Ford 8n tractor in the name of Breast Cancer.

This tractor and someone diagnosed with Breast Cancer has a similar resemblance, the tractor on the outside looked to have no hope but with a lot of hard work and external modifications there would be a second chance. Seeing the tractor for the first time in its condition I knew it was going to be a lot of work. I have now restored it to its new second chance on life in hopes it will inspire Breast Cancer survivors that they too can have a second chance on life.

Throughout my project I have been able to make so many new relationships, help those in need as well as spread the word about my love for the FFA. My pink tractor now has its place on the Front cover of the Fastline Magazine for the pink tractor 3 mcbOctober edition for 2014. My tractor has also been traveling to different fundraising events all over the state of Alabama. At each event that Hope and I have attended we have earned donations for this cause and we continue to do so as we want to find the cure and end the fight.

My goal throughout this project has been to help those in need and inspire others to help as well. This restoration would have never been possible without being involved in FFA, having an advisor like Mr. Buster Padgett, supportive parents, and many others such as: Eufaula High School, Titan Tires, Steiner Tractor Parts, Fastline Magazine Publications, NAPA Bennett Auto Parts, HG Auto Paint, Eufaula Iron Works, and Herndon Tire Company.

Cassandra Gifford
Eufaula, Alabama

pink tractor (2)

The Spork Tractor (Avery Ro-Trak)

avery-ro-trakThe tractor that I’m about to show you today is one I lovingly refer to as “The Spork of Tractors.” Produced by Avery Farm Equipment as their go-big-or-go-home attempt to save the company, the tractor was a fascinating concept that never really took off. Like a spork, it was intended to be a two-in-one solution for farmers who could only afford one tractor. With a jack and a half-hour of work (so the advertisements said), the tractor could be easily converted from a wide-front to narrow-front configuration. The rear wheels could be set at a variety of treads as well, allowing one tractor to plant and cultivate a wide selection of crops.

The tractor, if you haven’t guessed by now, is the Avery Ro-Trak. Because it lacked a conventional front end, springs were included in the vertical tubes.

The tractor boasted a powerful 6-cylinder Hercules engine. Some owners have complained that the engine is too powerful for the differential gears and report that they failed often. Other complaints include difficulty steering and under-powered brakes. Perhaps Avery could have fixed these problems if they had more time and money – but the company’s weakened financial state no doubt made innovation difficult.

While it’s an interesting concept, the tractor never took off. Production ceased with the start of World War 2. Avery had already gone through a succession of reorganizations and didn’t resurface after the war.

Today, the Ro-Trak tractor is highly collectible. It’s such a unique piece of innovation! Have you ever seen one?

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How to Replace the Rim on your Tractor

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John Deere 720 Before & After

Tractor restoration by our customer Daniel Humbert from Chemin du Petit Molard, Switzerland.

His before and after shots of his John Deere 720 diesel.