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Northern Antique Power Club 2017 Show

We would like to thank everyone at Steiner Tractor Parts for being a partner in our show. We had our most successful show ever this year. And again this year our pullers and tractor displayers were excited to see the 2017 Steiner Catalog.

I have enclosed a few pictures from our show. We displayed our Steiner banner at our antique tractor pull arena. We had a lot of comments from the pullers about how they loved Steiner’s service and shipping (personally I know that my husband loves to order enough to get the free hat when they are being offered).

Thank you again for your support of our show. The hats, t-shirts, funnels, little bottle opener guys and the candy were, as always, a big hit.


Charly Baron
Secretary, Northern Nevada Antique Power Club


Mini Tractor Pulling

My story started out supporting my husband with his love of tractor pulling. His first tractor, “Hot Stuff,” a single Allison Aircraft tractor. He did well with her and it was a great journey, which ended when he decided to sell it. He took “Hot Stuff” to his motor mentor, Wayne Longnecker, in Iowa. She got boxed up and sent to New York, then to its new owner in Finland.

But we weren’t done yet. Our Grandson, wanted to take his lawnmower to an area pull, at the ripe age of 4! Well that started the bug up again, and before you know it, Dawson, was competing with a Hot Stock tractor, named LiL Stuff. In the mean time Mike took the plunge and bought a Twin Allison tractor know as P38, owned by a dear friend, who had passed away, Dick Ziegler. Hot Stuff was reborn! Mike piloted it with great finesse. Dawson, was also doing great with his tractor.

On August 14, 2011 our lives changed. Mike had a heart attack at one of Dawson’s pulls. God had other plans, so now Mike coaches us from heaven. Dawson, won his first pull the day after Mike’s funeral! Grandpa, pushing him all the way. Several weeks later I made the decision to purchase a 4 cyl tractor that was for sale in our DGTPers group. Mama Stuff, is now my tractor! I have competed for 4 years now! And I finally feel the real passion Mike had when you hook up to a track and soar I know that! But Dawson, missed Grandpa too much he finished the season and made it another but has parked LiLStuff and gone onto baseball. He helps me when he can, but our lives change at an instant. Hot Stuff was sold and sadly doesn’t exist anymore. And now its time to sell LiLStuff,  MamaStuff, is resting in the garage but come this Summer I’ll be back at it, Tractor Pulling!! It’s in my blood too!

Carol Gerner
New Auburn, Wisconsin


Oakley Show & “Gathering of the Orange”

We’re hitting the road and heading to the largest gas tractor show in Michigan. This year they also have the honor of hosting the National Allis Chalmers “Gathering of the Orange” show. With four days of jam-packed fun, this show is one you won’t want to miss.

Stop by our table and pick up a copy of our 2017 catalog, or come visit us at our store in Lennon, less than 25 miles away.

Mid-Michigan Old Gas Tractor’s 43rd Annual Show

                               “Gathering of the Orange”

                                August 17th – 20th, 2017

-Tractor Pulls         -Small Engines        -Threshing        -Steam Engines
-Machine Shop      -Arts & Crafts           -Tinsmith         -Cross Cut Saw
-Crop Demos          -Broom Making       -Quilting           -Flea Market
-Kids Crafts            -Petting Zoo             -Drag Saw        -Shingle Mill
-Rock Crushing      -Wood Working       -Baling              -Grist Mill
-Dynamometers     -Souvenir Shack      -Gang Saw       -Blacksmith
-Handle Mill            -Veneer Mill             -Saw Mill          -Engine Barn
-Food Vendors       -Daily Parade           -Fireworks        -Tractor Raffle
-Basket Making      -Wool Spinning       -Live Bands      -Bingo

For more details, please view our event page or


Cow Tales for Clubs

Goetze’s Candy, a 127 year old Baltimore based US business, is teaming up with Steiner Tractor Parts and supply a 75 count tub of mini Cow Tales for each of the tractor clubs (up to 400) participating in our club outreach program.  This retail tub can be used for a prize or a game by the clubs, as a giveaway item for exhibitors or guests or for a sweet refreshment at registration or any area of the show.  Last year, Goetze’s Candy also joined in supporting our tractor club outreach program and we are so happy they are on board for another year.

Learn more about Goetze’s Candy Company

Find out where to buy Cow Tales

It’s not too late to sign up for our tractor club outreach. Make sure that only one representative from your club submits a form.  Download the form or see information about our tractor club program.

Don’t forget to look for a few cow tales in your next package from Steiner Tractor Parts!

How to Build a Champion Pulling Tractor

Did you know that with enough time, parts, and creativity any tractor can become a champion pulling tractor? My competitive side might make me regret sharing this information, but here are my favorite upgrades to stock tractors.

Let’s take the 560 Farmall for example. On its own, the 560 is a good but not particularly beefy tractor. A few changes, though, can make it a real powerhouse.

First, lighten up the tractor. Replace the heavy-duty cast iron wheels with tin wheels. Get rid of the wide front end and replace it with a narrow front. Remove the 2 point hitch and use just the draw bar.

With all the weight you save by making these switches, you can have fun with the engine. I’d start with a 301 combine engine (non-sleeved). Put in some 806 pop-up pistons with domes. They’ll fit without the sleeves and be very powerful.

Carburation is a game-changer. If the club you’re pulling with doesn’t require a stock manifold, then switch to a combine manifold. If this is against your club’s rules, use the 806 manifold and carburetor on the 301 combine engine.

Putting in hotter plugs is a common mistake, however, the spark plug needs to be the plug that was originally engineered for the tractor (the combine engine used the same spark plugs as the tractor engine originally).

Be sure to run the biggest tire that the club allows. If allowed by your club’s rules, cut tires are a big advantage over standard tires.

A few more details: Put a straight pipe on. Keep the radiator from the 560. Add weight brackets on the back of this model.

This tractor would pull in the 5500-6500 farm pulling class. As pulling tractors go, this one would be very affordable to build and run. It would be a fun project, too! If you’re still looking for a winter project this year, try this one and send us pictures.

Thanks, Brandon Cooley, for the photo.

Tractor Club Support


2016-tractor-show-statsThis Summer, Steiner Tractor Parts supplied materials to over 325 tractor clubs across the United States.

We are very grateful for the opportunity to be involved with so many great tractor shows and look forward to helping keep the old iron tradition alive.

Take a look at our infographic to the left to see a break down for this year.

If you have a tractor club that would like our help go to our tractor club page for more information and an application for the 2017 show season. Items are given on a first come basis so make sure to get your form submitted early.

Check out some footage that Suzette took while traveling to some tractor shows throughout the midwest. More videos coming soon!

CowTales are coming!

75ct Mini Cow Tales TubHave you purchased from Steiner Tractor Parts in the last year and received a sweet treat with your order? If you have, then you know how delicious CowTales from Goetze’s candy are. Steiner Tractor Parts includes a few pieces of the candy in our outbound packages as a sweet thank you to our customers. This year, Goetze’s Candy has generously offered to send 75 count tubs of CowTales in our tractor club outreach bundles. CowTales are nut free and proudly made in the USA. Goetze’s candy is a 5th generation family owned, Baltimore based candy company in operation since 1895.

Goetze’s Candy and Steiner Tractor Parts are supporting nearly 300 tractor clubs across the US and Canada by sending out giveaways, raffle prizes and now sweet treats to enhance the show experience. Look for a tub of CowTales at a tractor show near you this summer. Then, find out where you can Goetze some for your family!

Thank you to our friends at Goetze’s candy for supporting the tractor club outreach program.

1955 Massey Harris 44-6

Massey-Judy-Kitson1955 Massey Harris 44-6 driven by James Kitson pulling the sled, monitored by Eugene Tucker at the Page, Arizona Annual Antique Tractor Pull and Machine Show the first weekend of October.
I was excited when I was able to capture this moment in time. It really seems to show the enthusiasm these two have for old equipment and tractor pulling. My husband Jim is driving the tractor and his friend Eugene Tucker, is on the sled that my husband designed and they built together. Our tractor show is the first weekend in October every year. Jim and Eugene started it 9 years ago on property owned by Big Lake Trading Post. They let us keep our tractors and other antique construction equipment there. They are located at one of the main intersections coming into town and it has become quite a common occurrence to see tourists from all over the world taking photos of our tractors. I’ve even made up a brochure about them for the tourists.

Judy Kitson
Page, Arizona